Are you looking for one of the best pizzas in town, a cold drink and a pleasant atmosphere? Look 3 blocks North of Deaconess Hospital on the corner of Edgar and Louisiana St. in Evansville, IN. There you find Talk of the Town community landmark rejuvenated, with doors open to serve up some fine food and dining by RJ and his crew. 

The building located at 1200 Edgar St., has a long history of food and beverage service to the locals and travelers alike. While operating as the original Talk of the Town Tavern, exterior footage of the building was used to portray Lobos, the bar where Dan & Roseanne hung out in the TV sit-com "Roseanne."

You can sit back and relax while RJ cooks up some of his special recipe pizzas and unique sandwiches such as the Booger Bear Chicken. All pizzas are made with daily fresh dough and cooked in a Baker's Pride Brick Oven. RJ will also serve up a Talk of the Town original, his own Red Beans and Rice.  Talk of the Town offers a variety of cool, crisp salads with your choice of dressings.  With appetizers such as Flat Bread, Stromboni Nachos, or delicious Cheezy Bread, there is something for everyone. 

Who can eat pizza without thinking of an ice cold glass of beer?  Poured from an antique brass beer tapper you can enjoy a variety of domestic and imported draft beer.  If you don't like beer RJ wont leave you thirsty, as he will gladly pour you a glass of wine or a fountain drink too. 

Grab a booth for a window view or watch RJ cook up his orders while sitting at the solid oak bar he hand crafted himself.  No matter where you sit, you will be enchanted by the eye-capturing decor and chilled out by Da Blues piped in through the in-house stereo.  The unique atmosphere is complete by the checkerboard tiles that are not only found on the floor but also on the ceiling as well. 

With all the soul moving blues, good food and beer, and a little nostalgia, you can't help to feel right at home with RJ and his crew at Talk of the Town,  home of the Brick Oven Pizza and Da Blues. 

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